i don't need to feel like hell for failing you


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bucky learning about all the dangerous shit steve’s done, and doing that thing where he’s furious but he can’t yell at him because there are people around, so he keeps saying “oh really” with increasing hostility

"you got into a brawl with a god? oh really?" *purses his lips*

"you jump out of airplanes without a chute? oh really?” *narrows his eyes* 

"you flew a plane into the ocean? oh really?” *glass shatters in his hand*

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No (x)


No (x)

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"I can’t lose him.
I love him” 

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And neither of them ever did

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spn meme: five things [2/5]
   ↳Sam’s Hair

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we watch them go out like fire.

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Merlin AU: Years after Merlin is captured by Morgana and believed to be dead, Arthur continues the tireless search for his other half.

"I showed you mercy once, Morgana. But I assure you the next time we cross paths, I’ll have none left to show."

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strong boyfriend buck <3


strong boyfriend buck <3

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